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Cannot monitor plugins while recording (solved)


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...specifically, I'm attempting to monitor the sounds from guitar rig 3 while recording. I'm using a firepod as my interface and logic pro 8. Software monitoring is on.


With the firepod you have a mix knob to listen to just the direct sound, just the sound through logic, or a mix of anywhere in between. I can hear the direct sounds fine but when I set it to monitor through logic there is no sound. The plug-in is always there on playback though...just can't monitor it while recording.


I've been searching for an answer for awhile but can't figure it out. Any insight is appreciated.



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I changed my mind on the problem. Plug in or no plug in, I just can't monitor audio unless I'm recording or playback is stopped.


In other words, I'd like to be able to play along with the track and fiddle around with a guitar line or whatever to work out a part while the track is playing. I have the track record enabled, and software monitoring on. I'll toggle the input button on and off but it doesn't seem to make a difference.


AND.... in the middle of writing this post I solved my own problem. So for anyone else who needs it.


In order to play along with a track input monitoring needs to be on AND the record enable button needs to be off. Booya

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