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Is this a bug? Recording in count-in, not recording beat 1


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I'm new and I'm going through the basic manual that comes with Logic 9 to learn how to use it.


I'm in the midi section, around page 88, and what I don't understand is why Logic doesn't seem to record beat 1 even though I'm clearly on the beat. I actually have to be behind the beat slightly for it to record, and then one time it'll show and play, say, four beats on the beat in 4/4 time, but then most times, it skips the first beat and won't show the beat, even if it did previously.


The other problem is that when I turned cycle mode off, Logic actually did the count-in wrong; it counted in before the 0 instead of between 0 and 1, and it recorded during the count-in section instead of starting on bar 1, beat 1.


Do my questions make sense? These seem like bugs to me because there isn't even a consistent outcome with the first question; sometimes it shows and plays beat 1 and sometimes it doesn't.



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Ever since Logic 7 (maybe even before), Logic has had a BIG problem with recording MIDI at and it's still apparently not fixed in Logic 9:


• notes played close or even sometimes right on will not record, and...

• if you attempt to play behind the beat at, Logic will record that note but it will appear in "bar zero" ( And trust me, you never EVER want to record anything in Logic before because it will potentially corrupt the song. If nothing else, it will corrupt automation tracks.


Seems as though the Logic boyz have saw fit to continue to add all kinds of new stuff in L9 without fixing some very fundamental problems -- such as this -- which have existed for years. But I'll save that rant for another day...


All in all, Logic 9 is pretty stable, but you're going to run into this kind of "legacy" buggy behavior. My advice? Start all of your recordings at bar and you'll avoid the problem.

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Hmmm, well, it's reassuring to know I'm not imagining this problem, but it's not very reassuring to learn that a bug related to something so foundational would be around for years w/o getting fixed. :shock:


Good to know about the workaround. Thanks!

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