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No MIDI Activity In Logic.


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Hey Guys


I get this ocassionally where my controller refuses to work in Logic..There is no Midi activity in Logic when I hit a key on the controller. However, in the Audio/Midi Setup on the Mac, everything is working fine. I've rescanned the devices and tested them..


The keyboard is connected to the MOTU 828 via Midi Cable. I get a light indication that its receiving Input.


Whats going on?


Is this a bug?

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Ok..This problem only occurs in a certain project of mine.


There is absolutely no MIDI activity...I open up another project, everything is fine.


Any ideas?


I trashed Logic Prefs but no luck with that particular project..

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David where are you mate???!!

Probably sleeping, considering it was 5:30 in the morning for him when you posted!


There's a couple of things that can cause this song specific behaviour. You may have deleted the cable connecting the environments physical input object to the sequencer. That's easy to check. If it's gone, then replace it.


You may have made some controller assignments in that project. MIDI from "assigned" control surfaces gets hijacked at the physical input object and doesn't reach the sequencer. Check Control Surface Setup and your assignments. You have not told us what MIDI keyboard you're using. That might help a lot.

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Fader, I've figured it out...


I've got a cable switcher set (in the environment) between an Arp and the sequencer..That randomnly switches off the sequencer...Strange,,


You know why it would do that??


Thanks for your help anyway mate...Appreciate it

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