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Record Repeat KC is Back in V9!


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Record Repeat is a really handy key command that disappeared altogether in V8, but has made a welcome return in V9!


Don't confuse this with the Record/Record Repeat key command that appeared in V8 - Record Repeat is something different.


What the Record Repeat KC does is start recording from the previous record position, while also discarding any selected takes. This allows you to record a take, audition it, and if you don't like it press Record Repeat to instantly record another take, without having to first reposition the Playhead, or manually delete the previous take. Note that if the previous take is not selected, the new recording will cause a Take Folder to be created.


Be aware though that any selected regions will be deleted. Normally, the only selected region would be the previous (and unwanted) take, so this is actually quite handy behaviour. If, however, you have accidentally selected other regions between takes, it's a potential disaster. Disaster is unlikely though, as in the case of audio regions, you will be first prompted to choose whether or not to delete the file from disc - and even if you choose the wrong option here, in most cases undo will get you back to where you were (as from V8, audio files aren't really deleted from disc until you empty the Trash). Any accidentally deleted MIDI regions can also be reinstated with undo.


Record Repeat also seems to work nicely with Take Folders. The behaviour seems to be that any selected takes will be deleted and replaced by the new take, leaving the unselected takes untouched. However, If the folder itself is selected, then the whole folder will be deleted. If nothing is selected, then the new take will be added to the folder.


I sorely missed this KC the whole time I used V8, as it was my default way of working, so I'm really happy that it's back in V9! I hope others find it useful too.




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(as from V8, audio files aren't really deleted from disc until you empty the Trash)


Word of caution to any Logic 8 users: this behavior only appeared in a later Logic 8 version. Can't remember if it was 8.0.1 or 8.0.2, but for sure 8.0.0 did not behave like that, and deleting an audio file would really delete it, not just place it in the Trash.

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