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Snow Logic 9 and waves tune

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I'm running Snow leopard and Logic 9. And I'm tying to run Waves tune. While waves is not officially supporting this combo yet, all plugins out of the gold bundle behave very well.


Only Tune, has horrible drawing bugs, (flickering, and double drawing of elements, particular if you move notes it would draw old and new position and so on).


So has anybody else tried that and has similar issues???

Else does somebody know some tips if can tweak some graphic settings or so in OsX to make older program code behave it self ?

Any further tips? (except for not upgrading early ;) )





MacPro (2x QuadCore 2.8, ddr2 6gb, ATI something )- Apogee duet, alesis IO26. Snow leopard, logic 9, some plugins Waves, NI, Ik multim., Fxpansion.

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