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Pops and cracks with external plug-ins


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I have a problem with pops and cracks when using external plug-ins such as SSL Duende and UAD.

Before the tracks starts, there´s either a pop or a crack. Sometimes you can hear a fragment of the first audio in the file.


I have all the lastest firmware/update installed, both for logic and the plug-ins.

With a buffer size at 1024 there´s still this issue.

However, I´ve found a workaround, but it´s too many steps to go....

I either record a piece of blank audio before the track starts (about 30 sec before it starts) and glue them together. I do this on EVERY track.

Another way is to use Bounce in place.


With this done i´have to start the actual bounce of the mix when the files start (30 sec before it audio starts).

Is there a better way?

I don´t want to worry about the mixdown anymore....

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Sorry, here´s my setup...

Mac Pro 8 core, 2 GB Ram (2008)

Logic 9

UAD2 Dual

SSL Duende

RME Fireface 800


By the way, how can I ad this info to my profile.....Haven´t figured out how to do it....


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