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Recording Arpeggiator


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I was wondering if you could help me :oops:


I have set up Arpeggiator in Enviroment window, it's working just fine.


But now I have a midi file, that I would like to "convert" to arpegigiated style. Since I'm a bad keybordist, I can't play this out live - but Arpeggiator works only when you're recording live.


Is there any other way to feed an arpeggiator track with one pre-recorded midi track?


I just hope you understand what is my problem..

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Open the Clicks & Ports layer, create an Arpeggiator, cable it into the Sequencer Input object.


Create two MIDI tracks, target the first one to the Arp, move your MIDI region to this track. Select the second track so its record enabled. This track could be an Instrument, etc. Press record. Now the output of the Arp is recorded on the second track.

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