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Unable to sync external sequencer to Logic Express 8.0


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Every attempt to sync my Korg M50 sequencer (master) to Logic Express 8.0 (slave) has failed. I am using an iMac with OSX 10.5.8, Intel dual core 2.66 with 4 GB DDR3 Ram. The M50 is connected via USB per the instructions in the Logic manual. The M50 driver is installed and the editor/librarian communicates with the M50. The M50 will play the software instruments in Logic and the MIDI data will be recorded when Logic is not in sync mode. I need to transmit M50 sequences to Logic to print scores. Also, Logic will view M50 sequences saved to an external hard drive as Standard MIDI Files but will not highlight nor open them. I know your time is valuable and thank you for your consideration.


Paul Anderson

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How about doing it the other way around? (Logic Master, M50 Slave)


You'll have to set up MIDI sync preferences and settings correctly to make sure Logic is sending, start, clock, and perhaps song position pointer info.


In the attached pic I've told Logic to send MIDI clock to all ports. You may only want to send it to a specific location(s) but I almost always set it to all, as I have several synths/fx that need to get clock.


I'm not sure if your M50 can receive song position pointer, but in the pic I have it checked (this tells a synced device where, in absolute bars and beats, the SPP is).

You'll also have to tell the M50 to listen for these things (i.e. put it in slave mode). I don't know anything about the M50, so check the manual.

If it can't receive SPP, you can usually just start at the beginning of the song and things will behave.


Also have you tried File>Import (then browse for the SMFs)?


Hope this helps.


MIDI sync preferences and settings

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