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Midi Controller problems with effects plugin [SOLVED]


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This has been wrecking my head for two days now.


I have Logic Pro 8 & an M-Audio Axiom midi keyboard. They keyboard works perfect with software instruments, they keys and are fine and I can assign the sliders and such to the different parameters of the synth.


The problem I've been having is trying to assign the sliders to the effects plugins. In Particular PSP's Nitro, but I haven't manage to get the sliders to work with any effects plugin. I click the 'midi learn' function and it just doesn't seem to register with the plugin at all. Any idea of what that problem could be?


So I tried something else, Logics 'Automation Quick Access' and this worked perfect the slider adjusted the assigned parameter. The only problem with 'Automation Quick Access mode' is you can only use on slider at a time, I want to adjust 2 sliders on my midi keyboard to adjust the frequency and resonance of PSP Nitro (filter plugin) at the same time.


With the Automation Quick Access mode I didn't have to go into the plugins GUI, so is there a way of setting up to sliders to adjust two parameters of an effects plugin at the same time without going into the plugins GUI, strictly through logic?


If ya know what I mean?, its a modest task but its difficult to explain,

I can't figure it out for the life of me.


Help much appreciated

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YYYEEEESSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT WORKED, Two Days I spent trying to get that working.


David, your a king amongst man


Thats brillant,

I had tried doing it through the controller assignment but couldn't figure it out, I didn't know you could just leave it open and click on the control,


Once again Thanks a million, Time to get back to my epic soundscapes

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