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Anyone here ever used Sonar?

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I've been using Sonar forever and am thinking about also going with Logic Studio 9. I do like Sonar, but I have been working with several people remotely who use Logic. I will likely buy a Macbook Pro (not sure exactly which one yet). But I am curious as to how much of what I already know in Sonar will translate over to Logic. Are they profoundly different or quite similar? I have seen Mainstage 2, and love it. I have found nothing quite like it on the PC side of things.
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Well i don't know much about Sonar, i started out with GarageBand and then moved to Logic. I can say that Logic has a very intuitive design and you won't have much trouble learning it, it's fun ;).


If you have specific Logic questions feel free to ask me or any other on this board ;).

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All DAWS are 'kinda' similar.


I was using Sonar up until July 08.

I had owned it since before Sonar 1

back when it was cakewalk so

I was very comfortable with it.



it was very easy for me to switch over


I recommend this forum and investing in David book

Peach pit Press Apple Pro Training Series:

Logic Pro 9 and Logic Express 9

to get up to speed fast and to learn logic deeply

Logic Streetwise book is also a quick way to

get the basics


When I switched I kept Sonar on my wife's PC

just for security but I never used it again


you may find logic feels like home very quickly

good luck

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I first learned Sonar and I am currently a Sonar 8.5 owner. I later learned Pro Tools (on version 8) and I have recently purchased Logic Pro 9 Studio and I am learning it. I have to say that it doesn't feel as intuitive to me as Sonar did, but I think it has some great things. Definitely a lot of differences. Like in Logic, all the information for tracks has to be shown in the inspector. Sonar shows all of the info in the arrange/edit window per track. Quantizing is done quite differently and automation has it's own view and etc.


So for me, it hasn't been as easy as it was for me to learn Pro Tools from Sonar.

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