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WAV changing pitch/stretching when imported


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Hello there,


this is my first post - I've been looking for ages for a solution to my problem but cannot find an answer. Basically, I'm trying to import some WAV samples from my MicroTrack ii to Logic - the file plays fine in iTunes/Songbird etc, but when I drag it/'import audio' from the file menu etc, it comes in sounding like half-speed. I've tried importing it as a WAV, AIFF and mp3 with the same results. When I've tried other files, such as those from my iTunes library, they work fine, and the WAV works perfectly in Audacity. I've never encountered this before, and it's incredibly frustrating - I may have to record in through my soundcard from the MTii, but that will totally defeat the object and I will lose sound quality.


I'm running Logic Pro 8.


Please help, I'm getting really frustrated!





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