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What Is The Best Amp In Amp Designer?


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If you don't need infinite gain, I really like the blue Pawn shop model - if you need more gain, use a pre-EQ to boost heavily around 500 cycles with a wide Q (the lower number, the wider the Q), or use a heavy compressor in front of the amp - the mic selection makes a big difference in tone.
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After finally getting round to using these properly on a band recording session, for guide guitars, I'm amazed at how good they sound. A couple are a bit fizzy and a bit fake sounding but it's definitely possible to get a really believable sounds from it. I liked the small tweed a lot and the pawnshop one is cool but like already said doesn't drive much.

Very nice and welcome addition to Logic. I do wish the were some more serious LOOKING pedals, they sound cool, but look rediculous at the moment.

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The small & mini tweed amps also sound great, with some added gain available. Do not use the presence control past 7 or 8 because something bad happens to the highs (they seem to 'cave in') - if you need more highs, try using a brighter cab (Tweed 1x10) or a brighter mic (57 dynamic). If you need more fullness, try some of the 4x10" or 4x12" cabs.
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What helps to improve the sound of any amp model is to insert a compressor before Amp Designer. Right now my favorite for that is PSP Old Timer.


Craig Anderton mentions recording amp sims at a higher sample rate e.g. 88.2 Hz to improve sonic quality.


I have Amp2 and GR3 with Amp2 sounding the best of all. But I find my self using AD right now, even in the final mix.


And now for a Logic Fanboi statement: So much of what Logic offers is just so darn good. Of course 3rd party instruments and processors sound better, but I could make do with what's available in Logic Studio. (My 2¢ :D 8) :D )

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I could probably look this up but since it came up here I'll just ask...


Craig Anderton mentions recording amp sims at a higher sample rate e.g. 88.2 Hz to improve sonic quality.


Can Logic play different sample rates at the same time, or would you have to put the whole song at 88.2 if you wanted the guitars there? And BTW, I think it makes sense that this could get rid of some of the fakey fizziness, but I haven't tried it....

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I like the Small Sunshine Combo, with the 1x12" speaker. On the amp I turn the bass up quite a bit, drop the mids all the way, and crank the treble. I leave everything else the same (presence & master volume). Sounds pretty close to the old 70's Orange OR80 & OR120 amps. It's pretty close to being 100% clean at the regular setting, but if you push up the master volume or presence you will get the sound of the newer Orange amps (or vintage OD models) as they tend break up and get that natural tube distortion.


I really wish that there was a more robust version of microphone placement and the ability to use as many microphones as you want to. That's the only gripe that I really have about the Amp Simulator.


Also, are there any good Jazz simulations in the bunch (a la Joe Pass, Pat Metheney, etc...)?


There is a preset for a clean Jazz amp which sounds pretty decent to me, especially when using a semi-hollow body with it. I think it uses the Custom Logic head and the 1x8" Pawn Store Amp Cab.


Has anybody created a guide as to which real world amp/cabinets correspond to the ones in Amp designer?


Here are my guesses about some of the amps:


Tweeds - 50's & 60's Fender Tweed amp

Blackface - 60's Fender amp

Silverface - Late 60's to current time Fender amp

Brownface - 60's Fender amp. The sound is somewhere between the Tweed and a Blackface.

Modern & Vintage British - Marshall JCM 800 & Marshal ???

British Combo - Vox AC30

Small British Combo - Point to point vintage Vox AC30 ?

Small Sunshine Combo - Orange amp

Sunshine Stack - Orange amp

Stadium Combo - Matamp or Hiwatt ?

Stadium Stack - Matamp or Hiwatt ?

Turbo Stack - Reissue Sunn Model T (made by Fender, not Sunn) ?

High Octane Stack - Vintage Sunn Model T ?

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I think the Small British Combo might be an AC-15


The Brown Stack... I have no idea. Unless it is a Marshall JTM-45, but I never saw one in brown.


The Studio Combo ... the grill suggest that it is a Mesa Boogie (Mark? series). Pretty good emulation of it too.


The Modern American Stack is the Mesa Boogie Stiletto.


The Boutique British Combo has me a bit stumped. The color says "Cornford Amps" but the font on the faceplate says "Matchless." Beats me.


The Stadium Stack. I hate to be so swayed by color on AD, but deadredeyes is probably right. Didn't Matamp make the amps for White Amplification? Hence the "white."


The High Octane Stack and the Turbo Stack both look exactly like Krank Amps. For metal-heads and beyond.


Anyone who can feel free to fill in the blanks.



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