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Logic 8 No audio in Built-In-Sound


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First time post, rank beginner with Logic.


I cannot figure out how to get output sound using built in speakers. I just moved and have a very simple setup: no interface and no input. I had this same problem just before I moved though, with interface and all. There is just something I need to set somewhere, I'm sure, but I don't know where. Mute is not on any of the tracks


In System Prefs, I have Output set to Internal Speakers and get output from other programs. I choose Built-in Speaker/Microhone in Logic Prefs and get nothing. I got snippets of audio when trying different Device settings while in the Preferences pane, but as soon as I closed the window, no audio.


I have Logic 9 and will upgrade soon, but I read here in another post that it is not recommended to do projects cross version, so I want to finish this in Logic 8.


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