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LOGIC pro9 sound library


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Hi guys... I have a big problem.. Let me try to explain.. (my english is terrible!!)


So.. I have logic pro 9 and I have installed everything... :-) I did a song.. and everything goes perfect... I saved my project.. some day after.. I opened my project... and some sound were disappeared!!! I have seen that... when I click on setting (on the left side of the virtual instrument) I have choosen for example "knuckle bass" (wonderful) but when I click on EXS 24 the bass dissapear.. and there is another bass.... "muted bass" WHY??


Logic show me other instrument but there aren't!!


Another thing... I have installed also jam pack... they are in the HD... but logic doesn't want to show me to load to a song.. I have to search them...


Everything I have told you, some day ago were everything normal! :-(


Another example:


when I click on setting I have many basses... 5 banks..

when I click on exs24 I have too much less.. 3 banks..




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