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Question about cleanig up project


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I have prepaired long session audio and MIDI tracks which was process of my composition, with many mistakes then deletes, versions and so on. Finally I have decided to remove all unnecessary regions by deleting them by hand.

Now I want to send all my session to my editor via internet.

The problem is in my Bin there are a lot of files that I think I don't use but they only take place.

What is the best way to clean it up and not to loose anything important? Select unused and delete unused? Or cleanup or consolidate project from File menu?

I am affraid cleanup can do something harmful. Can you help here please and explain what every option means?


Thank you



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Page 151 of the manual pretty much explains what everything means. Personally i find that once I'm done with the recording process and need to tidy things up I just use the "delete unused" function to ditch the unwanted audio. That will make your Project a lot smaller and more manageable.
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