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OSX-Snow Leopard vs Leopard / LP9 ?


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I'm still running OSX-Leopard (10.5.8.) with LP8, on a Mac Pro 8 core (first generation), I'm planning to move forward to LP9, but I'm not sure about upgrading to OSX-Snow Leopard at this point in time.


Does OSX-SL currently offer any 'major' advantages to LP9 ? If it does, what are these advantages ? or would I still be fine running LP9 in OSX 10.5.8 (Leopard) ?


Do you think it is wise to wait a bit longer before moving to OSX-Snow Leopard ?


I'm not in a big rush, also given that LP9 has not been updated to 64-bit yet, so, I'm not sure how useful OSX-SL will be, plus, some of my other apps are still not officially supported on OSX-SL.


Some feedback on this topic would be helpful.



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I'm running LP9 on OSX-Snow Leopard and it's running perfectly fine. I'd say wait a bit tho if some of your other apps aren't compatible with Snow Leopard. Apart from the obvious benefits such as freeing up space there's no real reason as to why you should upgrade... yet!
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