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Logic 8 upgrade will not install

Music Spirit

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I am trying to re-install L8 on a G4 Power book 1.67 with 2gig ram. The hard disk crashed catastrophically some months ago and it is now replaced. L8 worked fine on this machine before.


All I want to do is install the most basic version of L8 so I can occasionally check out scores etc on the lap top with minimal plug ins.


Going through the basic installation procedure with the old XS Key plugged in, I have the L8 studio upgrade from L7. I also have the original documentation.


Problem: after inputting the serial number for L8, Logic does not recognise the XSKey and box comes up asking for the L7 serial number.


Logic does not recognise that either and claims it is invalid again.


Any help appreciated.

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thanks triplets... when I loaded L8 on my main machine, there was no problem. And before the crash, I had upgraded L8 on the G4 Powerbook without a problem. Both times the XS Key worked fine.


During the install the XS key was plugged in. I only typed in the serial number after a window came up saying the XS key was not valid. All genuine Logic stuff I purchased..?

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