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Individual MIDI note panning?

Cursed Lemon

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In Logic's piano roll, I've looked through the options for editing MIDI note characteristics, but I can't find anything relating to panning the individual MIDI notes, only the actual channel panner.

There is no standard byte variable within the MIDI Note On message for specifying pan, only channel, pitch and velocity.


Depending on what synth/sampler is being used, you can usually assign the pan parameter to track pitch, (often referred to as keytracking). This is typical of most piano patches. If you want to be highly selective about which note gets panned where, you can use a transformer object and convert pitch number to some controller value that modulates pan in the synth. In the transformer you can create a custom map for this to specify the pan setting for each note, but this would only be applicable to a mono, not a poly synth.


Likewise you could set up a transformer to have channel # set pan position of the played note. Then you could edit this either in the Event List or using the voice separation tool in the Score editor.


If you're using the EXS24, each zone can have its pan set to its own value. This is useful as the pan for each voice would still be intact even polyphonically. Anyway, lots of ways to pull it off, depending on what you actually want.

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