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Bug with "follow tempo" feature?


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Hi everyone,


I'm currently preparing guide tracks for an EP I'm working on and have run into a problem with the "follow tempo" feature. One of the tracks I'm working on has a section where the tempo slows down by 15bpm then slowly builds back to the original tempo when the band play it live.


I started preparing the guide track by getting the guitarist to play the main body of the song to a click at 163bpm. I then recorded the other, slower section of the song at 148bpm, moved it into position and made sure the tempo of the click track changed at the correct point in relation to the guitar. I then got the singer to sing a guide vocal over the guitar line and click track. So far so good, everything's going to plan.


I then planned to use the "follow tempo" feature to build the tempo back leading into the last section of the song. This worked fine for the guitar part which had been recorded in two sections but when the click hit the 148bpm, the vocal slowed down. To me, this makes no sense as this section of the vocal was recorded at 148bpm so why should it slow down there? Is this a bug in Logic? Has anyone else encountered this? Anyone know any work arounds?





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Follow Tempo only works correctly if you do not cross any tempo event. It works well if any tempo changes occur ahead of the current section, e.g. tempo changes at bar 1,2 and 3, recording audio in bar 5-8.


If, however, there are tempo changes during 5- 8, prior to actually recording anything, those get applied to a subsequent recording when FT is clicked (although obviously the talent took care of this already when the click sped up), and the entire Region changes tempo/slips out of sync.



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