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edit midi control info for multiple tracks simultaneously?


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Is it possible to change midi control info in hyper-draw or elsewhere for a number of tracks simultaneously? I am working on an orchestra piece and I want all the strings to crescendo together (for example) but I don't feel like I should have to edit each part separately.



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No. Hyperdraw is a one-track-at-a-time deal.


One thing you could try...


Assuming that your tracks are set to different static levels, insert a Gain plug into each instrument. Make a note of the fader level of each instrument and apply that same value to the gain plug (hold Shift to get increments in .1 dB). Then zero out all of those faders. Next, group the faders and write in automation on any one of them. The others will follow suit (provided you have volume enabled in the group).


This should result in an exact equivalent to the sound blend you currently have, including the amount of send level on any one instrument that may be feeding reverbs, etc.


If by doing this some of your instruments go into the red on the instruments themselves, don't worry, the sound itself won't actually be distorted.

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