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Annoyance: Bounce to quicktime movie is only offline

the sinner

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Any way you slice it, converting a QT movie from whatever format you're working with to whatever format you ultimately want to email is going to take time to render; so whether Logic, QTPro, or Compressor did it for you, it's all going to take that same time. And I guess I'd hate to see Logic "get into the movie file export business" because that's the last thing we need -- more new features added to a program that's too bug-laden as it is for a V9. So I guess I don't agree. But not like vehemently or nuffin'... :mrgreen:


FWIW, I like the QT "share" function (select large size so that the frame rate isn't compromised) when making files that need to be of email-able size.

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Well let me explain myself more:


To demo a mix to the director as quick time this is my process:



1) Bounce as Real Time Wav File

2) Import and Place into logic - Solo This Track

3) Mute all Master Channel Plugs, set Master Channel to unity if its not allready

4) Export as Movie Feature

5) Open in Quick Time - Re export as Mp4

6) Email


Then if I get revisions - I have to


1) Re arm all master channel plugs

2) Turn back on Master Volume Automation

3) Un Solo The Track, Mute it

4) resume work

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Thanks for explaining it further.


Yup, I know the drill... Here's a suggestion that eliminates all need to add your bounced file into Logic, turn off plugins, or adjust levels:


• bounce your file, then open it in QTPro (it will appear in a player window)

• open the movie in QTPro too

• using the edit handle thingees, set the Left Trim of the movie to get close to the start point of your cue (or whever you want to start the presentation from) and then do the same for the Right Trim. Then hit the TRIM function. Save under a NEW NAME, as a proxy (less disk space), or, as a self-contained movie. Your choice. And BTW, this is optional, but a safe practice all the same.

• assuming you may have a little lead-in to your presentation movie, move the playhead and/or use the L & R arrow keys to align the playhead with the first frame of your cue (or pop), using of course the SMPTE burn to locate the right frame

select the other QT window containing your file and do a quick CMD-A (Select All)

select the movie window and OPT+CMD+V (add to movie)

• export in the format of your choice


With this method -- which looks longer on paper than it is to do in practice -- you only have to export the movie once.

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That is truly not a bad method but the problem is I am bouncing my mixes at unity (so eventually they go to pro tools as wav files) but the directory likes hearing it about -8db or at normal mix volume so I end up drawing curves in and such. Sometimes I get a note, can I hear that button @ 02.19 louder? so I draw it in.


Anyone jsut making sure I didn't miss anything super fast like an idiot but I guess I didnt

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