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Remix - My First Post - mixing advice? Thanks!


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Hi All,


Thanks for taking the time to listen to this.


It's a remix of a tune by "The Very Best" entitled "Julia" . Originally a dirty south beat underneath the vox.


Please feel free to comment away on how i can improve the mix!


It seems a little bright to me ... I used a T-rex 3 setting "clear 670 high' ..maybe too high :)



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I just scanned through the track, but here are my impressions on the sound of the mix only (I rarely ever comment on if I think something is good or not. To me it doesn't matter.)


First, is this supposed to be an album mix, a radio remmix, or a dance remix? I ask because you said it's a remix (which I associate with a certain kind of vibe) but it sounds like an album mix of a band playing in a room.


And it has the dynamic range of a cassette. Here's what I mean...


There's no "oomph" to the bottom end. The kick doesn't really kick. The snare doesn't snap. Overall, it sounds like the drums are playing in a room, and there's too much of it (unless you're looking for that rehearsal room or small studio sound).


The bass is totally lost in the fray.


The synth line is cool, but it doesn't stand out nearly enough... I'd hype the high end/upper mids on that synth line put some kind of reverb or delay on it so that it washes just a little. When it comes in I think it should really take over the track and call the audience's attention to it in an irresistible way. And then once you do that, I'll bet you'll want to give the overall track some depth by adding reverbs to the guitar and vocals too.


Is there any way you can tune up (autotune, melodyne) those vocals?


Admittedly, this isn't my style of music and I don't know what the expectations are for this genre. But if it's supposed to be a remix -- like a dance remix -- then it doesn't sound like one from a production standpoint. Sounds too much like, well, like a band.


I think your approach needs to be more inspired, if not sound more inspired.


Oh, and one more thing... If you plan on posting a revision (and I hope you will), don't squash the track with the adlimiter (or whatever you're using). Let the natural dynamics of the track make some noise.

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- I can't thank you enough for taking the time to write and in depth response! I am definitely a novice when it comes to mixing so this kind of feedback is invaluable.


- I will most certainly make a another run at it tomorrow (thurs) with your advice in mind


- yes, it was supposed to be a "band" remix rather than something in the dance genre .. It's kind of a reverse of the norm. But a remix doesn't really need to be restricted to one genre. Just "remixed" into something else. The original tune was a dance/hip hop tune half the speed of my track. Regardless, if it doesn't sound "inspired" then it doesn't matter what genre it is. I'll work on the mix first and then see if I can make the arrangement a little more interesting.


- the vocals believe it or not were tuned already. They were a total mess when I got the stems. I emailed the original producers and the confirmed that because their track was all over the place (intonation), their singer was the same. They made a creative decision to keep it "dirty" ... When I first loaded the vocals though, nothing was even close to concert pitch


Anyway... Thanks again SKI!! So great to get a little nudge in the right direction


I'm on an iPhone in case there are spelling errors ;)

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Ah, interesting -- the reverse remix! See, I come from a remix background that's exactly the opposite approach. And I guess I'm too out-of-touch to know what a dirty south beat is.


Anyway, if you were going for a band sound, you achieved it! (And now I'm curious to hear the original version for comparison). But I still think it could be much more dynamic, and I pretty much still stand by my other comments. Too bad about the vocals though... I think even "keeping it dirty" has its limits. But anyway, hope you find some of my comments practical when working on it again, and I'll look forward to hearing your next version.





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Yes! Your comments / advice on the dynamic range of the mix are invaluable! Thanks man.


Sorry for the delay in getting another mix up here. I was working on an immidaite need for work (8 bit video game music ...talk about horrible sound :) and I am picking up a pair of mixcubes today to help out a bit so i wanted to wait.


I found a link to the original version ...




I'll be in touch as soon as I can muster up another mix. Thanks again Ski!


- Burg

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