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Unable to open Kontakt 4 in the Inspector or the Mixer


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I'm having problems opening Kontakt 4, either by double clicking on its slot in the I/O section of the Inspector or in the Mixer. When I do double click, I get the same I/O menu as if I click and hold. Other instruments in the project are opening normally. I don't know if this is just affecting Kontakt 4, but it's the only instrument I've had problems with so far.


Can anybody guess what might be wrong?



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Yes, I guess that must be it, though I never had a problem with Kontakt 3. I'll try posting in the NI forum to see if anybody there has had problems.


P.S. Further testing shows this to be very intermittent. I created a new project and imported the tracks (content only) from the project giving me problems. At first all was fine, but then K4 refused to open again. I closed and re-opened Logic and so far am able to open K4 OK.

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