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Automation of channel strip delay


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Is there a way of automating the channel strip delay ? (in Logic 9)


I want to use this as an effect to create movement on a lead MIDI section.


example: an arp sequence that moves from -35ms delay to dead on beat after 32 bars.


Or is there another way to achieve this type of effect?


Any help would be appreciated.



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Yeah I have been thinking that it may be a tricky one or at least a lot of time spent moving individual notes forward a few ticks at a time..... like watching paint dry, you know it will but wish you could speed things up a little!


I was thinking that I could use the Transform function but that is a little bit alien to me at present.


Is this something that could be done in either the Environment or Transport menus? I'd like to know, seems like it would be a handy trick to use.



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