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Rewire:midi control of Reason from Logic


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There are other ways to get the same result - connecting faders etc to your rewire objects in the Environment , using transformers to change operations etc... so this is just one other way to go about it for those of you who want to spend a minimal amount of time in the environment


This was done with Reason 4 and Logic 9.02 (... rewiring pre 3.05 versions of Reason is a problem... search other threads on this site )


This post only covers midi control of Reason. If you need information on getting audio back into Logic, it's covered in depth elsewhere on this site, and on Youtube... even in the Logic User manual :idea:


In Logic's arrange window, create your standard external midi track. A General Midi instrument track is created, with up to 5 midi control knobs, + volume, mute and pan controls.




Open Reason.

Create a Reason instrument ( for the sake of this example, I'm using Subtractor ).

Still in Reason, cable the Subtractor's output directly into the Hardware Interface at the top of the rack (not into the mixer - you can delete that unless you have plans for it)


Back to Logic's Arrange window.

For appearances, you can optionally change the GM icons for Reason instrument ones

( see this thread : http://www.logicprohelp.com/viewtopic.php?t=2347&highlight=icons )




Under the Library tab to the right of the Arrange window, in the lefthand column,

click Reason, and then in the column to the right,

click the Reason device you want to control.

(A Rewire object bearing the name of the Reason device you have selected will be created in the Environment, in the GM layer... )


Open an Environment window, and navigate to the GM layer. You should see a GM device, and the Reason rewire object

Highlight the GM object, click on '1', and in the parameter section on the left, make sure the Program, Volume and Pan boxes are ticked.

Cable the GM device to the Rewire object

'Cable and Channel Port is set! Do you want to remove the channel port's setting?' Yep.

(Rename the GM Device to match the Reason instrument being controlled if you like)




(To replace the GM Devices 127 standard GM names, see The Multi-Instrument Window section in the Logic User manual and the Reason Midi Implementation chart)




The parameter names of your Reason instrument are now available as a dropdown menu in the instrument parameter section on the arrange page. When you click either above the midi conrtrol knobs however, or on the automation parameters next to the instrument track lane, their dropdown menus still display standard GM names...






Assign the midi control knobs to Reason's different faders and controls etc as you please.




A more thorough implementation of Rewire in Logic would be useful. (In Ableton for example, the specific names of Reason's instrument parameters and not just generic General Midi names, show up inside Live, plus there are cute graphics meters, displaying which of Reason's rewire channels are actively carrying a signal)

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