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Using ESX24 for record stop/tape stop


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Hello Logic users,


I've used the search function multiple times. I could not remember the exact phrasing of the thread's title that previously covered this topic, so I apologize for asking the same question already covered.


I understand that you can use ESX24 to perform a record stop/tape stop effect.

My question is,


a) how exactly is it done; b) what if you have multiple tracks you want to apply the effect to? For example: 5 vocal tracks from the chorus, and there's a swear word that you want to disguise by performing the tape stop.


Do you bounce the entire stem containing the 5 vocals, then import in ESX24 then automate the pitch bend? Or is there a smarter/better way...

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Logic version #? Please add your Logic version and system info to your signature: Read Me Before Posting - Forum Guidelines (#5)


In Logic 9 you can use speed fade to create tape slow down effects.


In prior versions you can use the EXS24


a) Load your audio file, trigger it to play it, and use the pitch bend wheel to speed up/slow down.


b) Mix down all tracks into a single audio file.

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