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Amp Designer good for recordings?


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Hello guys,


i was wondering if Logic 9 Amp Designer is good enough for recordings? I mean compared to other software (yes, only software ;)) like Guitar Rig and Waves GTR.


Can somebody please help me with that - maybe you already compared those and can give a good review? ;).


Thanks very much in advice

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I recorded a metal band the other day and used Amp Designer for all the sounds and I thought it was fantastic.. maybe not as good as AmpFarm but surprisingly good nonetheless


And from hearing other people talk the high-gain sounds are not its strong point.

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I retired my red-thing after playing around with Amp Designer one weekend. It has some very usable sounds across the board and latency is no longer an issue for me as of Logic 9 - I'm pretty impressed. It's nice to have everything in one place too.


Check this out:




The video is worth a look. You'll be able to hear a few examples of what Amp Designer can do.

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check out Overloud's TH1 ....i think it sounds pretty fantastic other than some of the hi-gain 5150 sounds...lovely cleans and great rock crunch sounds. i have used pretty much all the sims and i turn to this one for most things...if you want extreme hi-gain ever i suggest revalver mkIII
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If you have Logic 9 - try to open New project and select Explore Icon and select Guitar Tones project as a template. It is a demo project that has a dozen of different tones already set up for you. It sounds great! I just tried them all yesterday. If you use Gio you will love it. But if not - just make sure you have a good front end to connect your guitar to with Hi-Z input for correct impedance. That will be just as important as how good the amps are in Logic. Amps will take the existing sound, so garbage in - garbage out.

It works great!

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