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Is Logic good to buy right now?


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I'm thinking about getting the $1699 I mac and I'm hoping it is the former $1999 I mac. I'm also going to get Logic Studio in a short time and have heard that the new Logic is having problems. I'm just wondering if the $1699 I mac is the same as the old $1999 I mac and is it worth it to get Logic right now as it is having difficulties. Thanks for any help! :)
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I had my eye on the $1999 I mac before these new ones came out and unfortunately didn't write all the specifications down but it seems that the $1699 I mac now is very close too if not the same as the $1999 one. Just an observation I'm not sure if anyone would know this to be fairly true or if the new one at $1699 is lacking much that the former $1999 had. :)
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First - get the best iMac you can, as it will work the best for what you need and will be not an obsolete computer for a longer time.

Second - Logic works great, and the version 9 is awesome. Remember, whenever you "hear" something it is usually from a) complainers who did not figure out how to do something, and when they do figure out they will not go back and tell everybody that it was their fault, b) people who use ProTools or Cubase who just like to bash Logic, 3) users that have problems because they do not know how to keep their Macs in good functioning condition, or use cracked or untested AU plugins etc.

Rarely somebody will go on the blog and scream that they love something so much.

But when you hate it - the blog is your friend :-)


Make sure to invest in AppleCare and couple of utilities like TechTool Pro (not deluxe) and Disk Warrior. Each under $100. You will be glad you did. Run utilities on your Mac like an oil change on your car. Have a backup drive for the main drive and external audio drive and download SuperDuper for that.

Drive will fail, its not a question if, its a question when.


Great DAW and great iMac - you will love it.

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Thanks so much Russo for your help! I've been thinking about getting the $1699 I mac as I can get it now but are you saying not to and wait to get the $1999. I was planning on getting the former $1999 which seems to be very similar to the $1699 now. Are you thinking I should wait? :)
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