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Keep loosing audio in Logic 9


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Just switched from Nuendo to Logic so I'm not overly fluent with it yet .


Often when I'm working I'll be searching through menus for a Logic equivalent Nuendo function and when I play the project again there's no audio, no meters flashing in the mixer or inspector??? The only way I seem to get any audio back is to restart Logic.


Any ideas?


Thanks in advance.

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This is as vague as it gets. We need much more input to even guess what's going on.




Apologies Christian but that's as vague as it is.

I have audio with no problems, I look in a few menus for something and then there's no audio at all??? The only way I can get the sound back is to restart Logic.

The cursor/tape head scrolls but the meters don't register any audio on the channel strips?


I can't give you any more info than that!

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I'm gonna take a guess and say too many FireWire devices on one buss. I had that issue with 2 external drives, my presonus FP10, and an iSight camera. Lighten the load by adding a FireWire card and I'll bet the problem goes away.



We are a pro studio not a home user that has been running 18 analogue inputs and 22 analogue outputs via Steinberg Nuendo and the RME's for several years with no problems. All our mixing etc is done out of the box on a combination of SSL & Soundcraft gear. We can playback all 22 outputs while simultaneously recording another 18! It is not a Firewire problem.


Some of the new features on Logic look very good so I bought a copy but I'm nowhere near as fluent with it as I am with Nuendo so I can't work out what's causing the audio to vanish.

Guess it's going to be a while yet until I use Logic on a real job :-(

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Wow. Im not alone anymore. I have the exact same problem. Logic kinda loses contact to the driver. It sometimes happens at boot or sometimes in the middle of a session when fiddling with menues as described. I can solve it by rebooting the driver, eg. changing the buffersize and then "apply change"

But why is that?? This never happend under Tiger/LP8 All my drivers and firmware are updated, prefs have been trashed etc.....


Mac Pro

Logic 9

RME HDSP/micstasy+aes32

RME Fireface 800

Big Ben wordclock


Ill do some more research and reurn asap.

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Wow dito!! I can confirm that the same thing happens here as well. Especially after changing values in 3rd party plugs like the Powercore FW and UAD-2. Resolved by re-enable the driver in the Audio Prefserences. This was introduced since Logic 9. Never happened in Logic 8. Could also have something to do with the latest OS. I'm on 10.5.8 here, running the first 8-core with 12GB RAM. Using an Aggregate device of Apogee Symphony and Lynx-Studio EAS-16e, clocked by Big Ben, which has worked without a flaw so far. Anybody else experiencing these issues? Let's get together and get some clout behind a bug report.


Cheers/ Henrik

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