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Adjusting Tempo on Audio in L9


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I just installed Logic 9 tonight as an upgrade over my Logic studio 8. I had created several projects which were done via beat mapping. the tempo on those projects are varied and annoying. I found I can create a duplicate of the project, move bass drums and midi and change the temp how I want. Say 77. I would now like to take the recorded guitar tracks which were all recorded to the Beat map, and smooth them out or change their temps to match the new steady tempo of 77. I've read over the Flex editing, It tells me to run my audio through the Apple Utilities? I have 12 tracks of high quality audio, Do I have to make them into Apple loops to get them to adjust in? I saw that you can export tempo from audio or import from audio. Anyone know how I can just kill my beat map, and get my 12 guitar audio tracks to line up with my selected temp?
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I suppose so, I was thinking I would keep the project as it was originally with only my audio needing tempo changes. I Might as well make the whole thing an apple loop so it fits the timing. I'll try that. I did see a video where an audio track was brought in at 114 and the project was 117. It adapted to the 114 over the 6 bars of audio then adjusted back to 117. I thought if that could be done, then the audio simply needs to be set up so it follows a temp that is made and either imported or somehow created for the audio to abide by.
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