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Advice on Audio In devices.

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Well, with the advent of the new iMac quad core, I am finally making the plunge.


Here are my questions:


1) Audio In:

I have a MXL V69 Microphone (http://www.mxlmics.com/products/Studio_mics/v69/v69me.html), a semi hollow body guitar, and 1 Synth I need to get into Logic.


What devices play well with Mac and Logic?

I would need to have a set of midi ports as well (in/out).


2) And in direct correlation to question #1, I am going to be recording everything to an external hard drive. Should I go with a USB2 interface, to allow for the full bandwidth of the firewire 800 port? I mean, I will only be recording at most 2-4 inputs at a time. Or should I just daisy chain a FW400 interface to a FW800 hard drive?


3) With virtual instruments that do sample playback (like Kontakt, ESX24, Atmosphere, et al); should their samples reside on their own drive? So, have one external drive for recording, and another one for streaming? With simultaneous recording, would that be too much for the FW 800 bus to handle?


Thanks again, I know these are many questions, but I just want to set up my iMac music making "studio" correctly the first time, and not waste time or money.


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