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Help re-setting up Logic !


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Hello all,

I was happily working away using my imac for logic with tons of plugins, tracks etc for some time. Then I purchased BFD2 drum software and things went wonky. Memory issues, constantly crashing, slowing down, losing icons etc.

I kinda half expected this due to the size of BFD2 but didn't think it would make logic unusable.

So now I have upgraded the memory on my imac to 3gig ( the max) and I also bought a 1TB hard drive to go with an existing 500gig external with the imac having a 500gig drive too.

With these 3 drives, what is the best way to set them up so I can get logic working again? Is it worth putting logic on a different drive to the OS and is this easy to do without losing existing files? I also need quite a bit of space for storing videos for Final Cut.

Cheers. :shock:

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what is the best way to set them up so I can get logic working again?


The best way to "set them up" is to do nothing at all. Meaning leave Logic where the installer put it, and don't touch anything.


If you have a problem, you need to troubleshoot it and resolve it, not to reorganize the way the installer placed the files on the hard drive.


The first thing I would try to troubleshoot is to go to ~/Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/Components/ and move the "BFD" component file(s) to another safe location. Then trash ~/Library/Preferences/com.apple.logic.pro.plist and start Logic.

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I have BFD 2 and it hasn't done that on any of the systems I've run it on, which has been three separate computers. Try trashing the preferences like David says and let us know if that is successful. There is also an FXPansion forum available to you and the folks there may be of more help with that specific software. Good luck, L
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Thanks for the quick reply people!

I've just done what you said. There was no '~/Library/Preferences/com.apple.logic.pro.plist ' so couldn't trash that. Once I got rid of the BFD2 component everything was back to normal. I then put the plugin back to see what happened. Then I loaded in an old song file that I know works well, few plugins and not too many tracks, and played it perfectly using 'ezdrummer'.......





I then swapped 'ezdrummer' for 'BFD2' and tried a play back.........






You can imagine how it runs when I've bot 10+ tracks running with plugins etc.....

I'm sure I read somewhere that it's best practice to place Logic on a separate drive to the OS.

Advice and help more than appreciated....



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I read somewhere that it's best practice to place Logic on a separate drive to the OS.


I don't doubt you've read that somewhere. I've also read somewhere that the earth was flat and that we never really went to the moon. :wink:


Trust the developers. They knew what they were doing when they designed the Logic installer.

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O.K. Done that. What now? Do I re-install BFD2?

You say trust the Logic installer but when I installed logic I only had 1 drive, the internal, so it didn't have much choice really.


Oh OK.. well the Logic installer won't let you install Logic on any volume other than your boot drive.


What now - I'm not sure. Now you've got a BFD problem, not a Logic problem - and I don't use BFD any longer, so I'm afraid I can't help you any further.

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Just seen I hadn't left my solution......

Not got one really, not from FX anyway.

My solution to the problem is to bounce down the drum tracks in one song and to export the end result to the complete song to add guitars etc. Then if I need to change the drums at all I re-open the song containing the separate tracks, edit them to suit (with a guide guitar track) and re-export.

Not perfect I know but it's works for me. Anyway getting new mac soon so hopefully this will be a thing of the past.

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