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Upgrading to Logic 9 - some questions


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Hello everyone. As you can see from my signature, I'm still using 8.0.2. It's a solid set-up and I'm a little loath to mess with a good thing. But I like a number of the new features introduced with Logic 9, and so I'm thinking about upgrading.


I've spent some real time searching the forums here, and I still have a few questions:


1) From what I've read, 9 seems pretty stable overall, but how about with files created in Logic 8? I'm a songwriter, and a have a whole bunch of my own songs that are partway done and created in my current Logic 8 format. How will these do when opened in Logic 9?


2) I'm going to remain on Leopard (10.5.8 ) for now. Is there anything I should really be worried about major-bug, 3rd-party or hardware compatibility (see my sig), general stability, or crash-wise with Logic Studio 9 on this setup?


Any help would be greatly appreciated. 8)

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From my experience,


L9 has been just fine with anything I made in L8. I have tons of full songs with up to 50 tracks on them that were created in L8. I have had no problems.


As for question #2, I was only running L9 on 10.5 for a short while. Upgraded to 10.6 pretty quickly, so you can await others' responses for that one.

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As a failsafe (having had HUGE disaster when automation was implemented from Logic 5 to Logic 6) at least print all your tracks from your unfinished songs while in Logic 8. Plug in tracks as a priority, then audio regions and if you want to take the extra time also print midi tracks that play external synths.


Best to assign tracks to busses and then create "print tracks" that have their inputs set to those busses. Allows you to do several tracks in one pass and hear things as you go. This is smarter than bouncing which is slow and or deaf. (slow cause you can only bounce one output pair at a time and deaf if you try to bounce offline.)


alternate solution....go finish your songs! :wink:



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Thanks Amin. Good suggestions for being safe rather than sorry. As for finishing the songs, the whole reason to get Logic 9 would be to use it for these songs, so that wouldn't work so well. 8)


I don't know that going to quite those lengths is as necessary for 8 -> 9 as it would have been for 5 -> 6. You can always keep Logic 8 on your computer if there are any serious problems.

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