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Mainstage 2 and logic control


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Anyone know if I can use my Logic Control (old mcu) with mainstage?


No joy so far.


It's running thru a MT4 midi/usb interface and works fine in Logic 9 but nothing in mainstage.


Any help appreciated.


The MainStage concept is very different Logic's. The problem the Logic Control solves doesn't really exist in MainStage. The concept in MainStage is you have a fixed set of controllers that can change with each patch.The Logic Control tries to change what its controlling based on the fixed Logic setup.


What you need is a more generic controller that is not as smart as the Logic Control.


I have a Logic Control, and perhaps there is a way to make it behave more generically. I know that it uses standard MIDI controllers, but I think they are packaged in odd ways to extend the number and resolution of the controls.


Anyhow.. my recommendation would be to pick a different type of fader/knob box. The Korg NanoControl is about $80 and has 9 faders/18 buttons. And can switch between 4 channels. It even has transport controls which work well with MainStage's Playback plug-in.

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