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Ultrabeat woes


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I've had it happen to me once.


When I was dragging sounds from an EXS kit to the Ultrabeat cells, Logic just disappeared - no warning or any error messages. Very unsettling.


I haven't used Ultrabeat since that incident since I can't trust it.


Sculpture is also on its way to the "do not trust" list..




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I have a similar problem every time i import voices into UB. Once they are imported if i try to use UB afterwards it crashes logic 100% of the time. My work around is to create the kit i want in a separate project, save the kit and then open the kit in the project i need it for. This has prevented crashes for me so far. I really like using UB by the way but this issue is bugging me.
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Everytime i use Ultra-Beat it has an error and closes logic.. It just did it to me 3 times!!! Anybody else dealing with ultra-beat issues? This is unexceptable.


I've not had those issues and I use UB a lot. That said, the best way to get bugs fixed is to tell Apple. (they say this all the time in forums, so here it goes..)




I had several of my problems fixed. You shouldn't have to put up with crashing bugs like that. Let them know.

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