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Logic8 will no longer open


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Lastnight I was working on logic8 making a song went to eat, came back clicked on the logic icon, yet logic would not open up. Here is what I tried to fixed it in the order tried.


1. Restart computer

2.went to utilities and permission repair.

3. Trashed All logic files emptied trash; then reintalled logic



Still not working.


Please help me

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Can you describe what happens when you try to open Logic? Nothing at all? Or do you see the splash screen for a while? Any message in there?


I would try to start to open Logic and immediately hold down Control until you get a dialog allowing you to NOT start the Core Audio driver.


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I am at work so I will tr. The ctrl thing tonight.


But the only thing I get it the logic icon bounces in the toolbar at the botto

of my screen a few times after I click on it. But when this happens it doesn't even say logic pro, etc. At the top left of the screen like nomally happens when ever u open a program on a mac.



If u have any other ideas please let me know. And thank u so so much for all your help

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