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Easy ways to map tracks from old studio set up under Logic 9


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Are there easy ways to map the tracks of old files to a new studio configuration?



Under Logic Pro 9 is there an easy way to map the tracks of .lso files created under one configuration of instruments to another?


I am upgrading batches of old Logic files many years ago (1995 – 2002) under versions ranging from Logic 3.5 to Logic Pro 5 to a new studio configuration running Logic Pro 9. (note I am using Logic 7 as a vehicle to convert the files to be acceptable to Logic 9 and that works fine).


However, I have found mapping the tracks of the old .lso files to my new studio configuration somewhat labor intensive.


Here is a summary of the studio configuration change:


Old configuration is moving to ----> a New Configuration


1. Emu-E4K Sampling keyboard and Midi controller ---> EXS Software Sampler (using my old E4 sound library converted via Chicken Systems translator)


2. Emu Proteus/1 rack sound module ---> EXS Software Sampler (using Digital Sound Factory’s Proteus/1 soundfonts)


3. Motu 828 Audio unit ---> Mac OS X’s onboard core audio capability (I’ll restore the 828 after some repairs down the road)


4. Roland Drum Machine ---> EXS Software Sampler (using various drum kits provided in Logic Pro)


Current approach:

1. Create template of New studio configuration laid out to support 16 tracks of EXS “Proteus”, 16 tracks of EXS “E4K” and a couple of tracks for the old Roland.

2. Open the old file and manually copy and paste each track from the old configuration file to the new configuration file.


I just wondered if there is an easier way. I remember back in the 1990’s Opcode’s Vision used to have an auto-remap function for studio configuration changes.


Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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