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Question about Normalizing

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Thanks, but how to mix at 0 dB FS? Just keeping the master fader at 0? Thanks for any help ;).


Not exactly. The fader is a gain parameter: it allows you to raise or lower the gain of your signal, but it doesn't tell you anything at all about the level of your signal: Your fader could be at +6 dB, if the original signal was at -40 dB FS, you end up with a -34 dB FS signal.


You look at your peak/clip detector and meter to the left of the fader, and make sure the loudest peak in your song reaches exactly 0 dB FS.


OR you use a limiter on the master output, if you don't intend to later send the track to mastering.

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Yes, so normalizing helps to make the track perfect loud without much to worry about how to set up a Limiter? If that's so i don't get why everybody here is trying to avoid normalizing, if it's just a handy little tool to make things perfect, like quantizing ;).


Thanks, you help me a lot ;).

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There are several ways to normalize. Most of them are destructive and introduce distortion. Since all normalizing does is change the gain of an audio signal, you can easily do that non-destructively and with no distortion by using the volume fader.


I would recommend against normalizing. If you know what you're doing, you don't need it anyway.


Limiting and Normalizing are totally different - maybe I shouldn't have compared them. Limiting changes your signal - at equal volume, it does make your mix louder. Normalizing don't.

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