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Whats wrong with Euphonix MC transport with Logic 9.0.2

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Hi all..

I got one Mc Transport yesterday.


Sucsessfully installed. I have hub and mac has one ethernet input. I installed mac and MC transport to the hub. Everything looks good so far.


I can see the green light . And reach the Eucon preferences.


But, when I open Logic 9.0.2 ,at the and of the opening process, I see """Starting up Eucon support""and after then """logic quit unexpectedly"""..


if I uninstall Euphonix software from mac everything works perfect I mean Logic open correctly.


I send a mail support request mail to Euphonix support section but no answer came from them yet.


Eucon version 2.0.3.

firmware 1.0.3 ( it said no need to firmware update)


My system:


MacOSX 10.5.8

Logic Pro 9.0.2

Yamaha i88X sound card- firewire-

8600 GT video card


Any idea and help please.


Thanx for answers

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I have a mc control & mc mix running in 9.02 but I'm running snow leopard also. I did have a few issues in 10.5.8 but did get them to run. When I switched to snow leopard everything runs great - only I have to wait until Eucon is finished spinning and green before I can turn on the mc's or they won't be recognized. I'm waiting for eucon to catch up with snow leopard and hopefully that little glitch will be ironed out.


Have you tried booting up, then opening logic and Then turning on the mc after logic is already running - it will still recognize logic. Also, did you try going directly into the mac with your ethernet cable instead of into the hub and then into the mac?

that's all i can think of right now, if something else comes to me I'll let you know - I know how frustrating it is when you get new gear and can't get it going.



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