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MIDI Learn doesn't work properly with my ReMOTE SL 61


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Hi there, been using my ReMOTE SL 61 with template 39 (Logic) for a while, and it works great. I also got the mixer/instrument function switch up and running. But truth be told, the instrument function is kind of messy since it just puts all available parameteres from the active softsynths randomly out on all the controllers on mye ReMOTE.


And then to the point. I find it much easier just to use a standard "midi learn" template on my ReMOTE which has one standard CC for every knob, fader etc. But when I try to use the "Learn Assignement for..." I seem to do everything correct as I get the message "command learned succesfully" or something like that (and yes I have both moved the parameter in my softsynth and the controller) - but then, after I have closed the MIDI learn window and I move the knob I just assigned to eg. reverb in East West Gold Orchestra nothing happens.



Anyone know why? I have done everthing correctly as far as I know.




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