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2080 and logic?


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Looking back in my archives, I found this one that I think I used back when I had a 2080. The multi-instrument contains the first banks, but there are text faders that contain all the names for expansion modules for easy copying and pasting into your new instrument banks.


I've had this since version 4 so I don't think the mapped instruments for the drums work anymore. You may have to make new ones.


I converted it to Logic 8.


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Great,will try it. But,I remember that I found this inside logic,brand new installed from factory ... but can't remember how and where.


Please let me know - I add 2080 as multiinstrument,then I give it midi channels...


Can you describe me this please - I come from Cubase world,and logic midi is frustrating me .


I want to have Yamaha motif on channel 1,jv on 2,3,4,5 and nord lead on 6,7,8,9,


I don't know how to achieve this.



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