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sending to an outboard effects component


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Hi there,


I am trying to figure this out. I want to send to an outboard effects processor. Okay find I send to output 5-6 and I am able to get the signal out but what about the return.


Currently I have the return from the outboard gear on input5-6 and I have an audio channel with input5-6 selected.


But how do I hear this real time with out recording it. I would like to hear it on my output1-2 which goes to the main monitors in the studio.





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You can also create a new audio track, set the input for the return path from the outboard, and set the output to your main 1/2, then at the bottom of the track click the I (input monitoring) and it should be there.


For most fx the latency probaly wont matter... depending on how you feel about that sort of thing :)




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