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logic pro + reason = how to use midi?


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I use external midi tracks in Logic to control reason and turn off midi in Reason prefs. This way I can control both Logic AND reason with midi keyboard directly from within logic. You can use seperate channels to control both reason and Logic but if you route all the midi through logic first you have all midi data recorded, in one interface as opposed to two. There are a lot of other advantages to this method. With this mothod all midi data is recorded in Logic and Reason is merely an audio unit.


What you do is set an external midi instrument track (in Logic) for each intstrument you want to control in REason and then select the particular reason instrument as the tracks destination. I think this is a good tutorial how to set up Logic to control reason.



He speaks of some glitches but it is only if you start on Bar 1, which he explains a workaround (don't be daunted by this as it's a non issue if you use a four bar lead in)


You can also still use reason effects on reason instruments but you have to route the Reason instrument through the effect before the rewire interface. You can also use a reason mixer to send a mixed signal to Logic if you want but isn't really necessary...


Let me know how this works for you and let me know if you have any questions about it...


Look at part one of this tutorial if you need help with routing the audio through Logic as well. I definately recoomend this if you aren't doing it already because Logic has a far superiorr audio engine (in my opinion)...

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