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Midi Snap/Quantise Question


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Hey guys,


i find the midi editing in Logic so frustrating and tedious. I have used Ableton for years and years, dont get me wrong i love logic , but i have found the midi editing in Ableton so much easier when it comes to snapping to grid.


For example, if i draw a note in logic and stretch it to where i think i want it to end, after zooming, its still off, when i grab the end of the note and try to move it to the exact position , it just wont connect to the line, lets say on a beat, it will either go just before or after it, i can never get it perfect.


Some notes i have draggedand have snapped to end of beat or bars, seem to be fine but then i realised they have gone slightly over and the next note does not play,


Am i doing something wrong? I have snap enabled but it just does not work for me ?!?! :( :(


any help hugely appreciated,



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well its set to smart at the moment, and im not sure whether to put it to frames, beats, bars etc: it just seems whatever i put it at, it never snaps correctly to the grid lines , well it looks like it does but when you zoom it, its slightly off. Its really frustrating, arrrg,
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