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Create with next channel strip jumps ahead

camillo jr

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In Logic 7 the key command "New with next Channel Strip/Instrument" will create whatever is next after the one you're currently on. So if I had Channel 3 selected and I used this key com, the next one that would pop up would be channel 4. But it doesn't seem to work that now. Instead, it's looking down the list to whatever is the last channel strip on my arrange (say 12) and now it creates channel 13 right after channel 3. Damn. It was sooooo convenient the old way.


Is this still possible, somehow?

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Yes, working with old L7 files and as it turns out, AMofCSO is deselected in each of the L7 songs opened in L9. Don't recall ever doing anything with that setting in Logic 7.


Meanwhile, I've discovered that the channel incrementing does work some of the time although it's more likely to work on objects that haven't been renamed. As soon as I start from a renamed object there's no predicting what channel might be created, even with AMofCSO selected. Well at least it works some of the time....


Regarding old templates, will this kind of thing keep happening with my ported L7 Autoload?

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