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anyone got midi control of song position to work?


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I'm having trouble getting logic to listen to midi song position messages sent from my apogee duet. According to a midi monitor program, it looks like duet is transmitting the right song position messages. However logic thinks they are CCs. In Logic's controller assignments window, I use "Learn Mode" and I get for "Value Change":


B0 04 00 B0 08 00 B0 0C 00 B0 10 00 B0 14 00 B0 18 00 B0 1C 00 B0 20

00 B0 24 00 B0 28 00 B0 2C 00 B0 38 00 B0 40 00 B0 48 00 B0 58 00 B0

60 00 B0 68 00 B0 70 00 B0 7C 00


Control Change Ch 1, 4, 0, Control


So learning doesn't seem to work. Meanwhile my midi monitor program is printing out:


F25002 Song Position 336

F25C02 Song Position 348

F26802 Song Position 360

F27802 Song Position 376



So it looks like the duet is transmitting the midi correctly. I then try setting the "Value Change" to F2 Lo7 Hi7 and logic interprets this as "Song Position, Lo7, Hi7" which I believe is the correct format. However this has no affect.


Anyone got song position midi control to work with the duet or any other control surface?



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