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hi, i went this way : http://www.logicprohelp.com/viewtopic.php?t=48623&highlight=reason

but i can't assign knobs on my midi keyboard to reason.I've try to go to Automation and select f.e. Modulation, when i draw lines by mouse everything works ok, reason responding that messages but when i hit cmd+l to learn midi reason don't see any changes done by midi controller,how to make it work

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AFAIK MIDI-Learn is not possible here. To not re-program your MIDI-controller to send the correct MIDI-CCs you might want to try and put a Transformer-Object between your GM Device and the Rewire-Object. You could use a Monitor-Object to monitor the MIDI-data your controller is sending and then use the Transformer to transform the MIDI-CC ffrom your e.g. knob to the MIDI-CC, that is the default MIDI-CC of the parameter in Reason you want to control.


At one time I even experimented with a self-programmed AU-plugin, that would create a virtual MIDI-port, that you registered in Reason's preferences and made it control a certain instrument. With this, it would have been possible to MIDI-learn the AU-plugin in Logic, that then controlled Reason via the virtual MIDI-port. The problem was the timing… So I did not continue with it. I anyways rarely automate Reason's instruments apart from playing with the mod-wheel…

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