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Weird fader drop issue


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Hi everyone,


Just wondering if this happened you. When playing synth notes, with my midi keyboard - both logic's and 3rd party plugin synths - it randomly causes the instrument's channel fader to drop. And also, after recording, when I play the midi region, it happens again, like if there is some sort of automation going on - which is not - at least I didn't do any.

But now I found that it is in fact doing some automation, but in Hyper-Draw. It seems that some midi notes are sending Volume messages that cause the fader to drop down :(


What can I do to stop this to happen.


Using last update of L9.


Thanks a lot.

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What can I do to stop this to happen.


Settings-MIDI-Input Filter. Check the Control Changes box.


Your MIDI controller has a drifty knob or fader that's transmitting cc7, common for M-Audio keyboards, or in the case of some like the Akai MPD, it's just randomly spewing them out for no reason. Anyway, input filtering cc's will fix it.

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