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clicks on fades with appleloops


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just upgraded to logic9. great to be able to fade in/out apple loops but when i do it i get a loud click/pop at the exact point that the fade begins or ends (i.e. where it meets the 100% level)


i'm using the crossfade tool. works ok on other files (aif/wav).


anyone else getting this?


working at 44.1 24bit.




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Yes, I recently noticed this on regular Aiffs where I had applied several crossfades on a comp and then glued it together. I always check the fades before gluing but afterwards I had to redo it because it changed once I glued the comp and there were clicks where there had been none, right at the former region boundaries.


As for Flex, I've discovered that sometimes there are tiny glitches in the sound right at transient markers in an otherwise unflexed section. Deleting the transient markers seems to fix that.

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i've done some more testing of this, and yes i expect it relates to the flex bug mentioned above because the clicks only happen if the appleloop is set to 'follow tempo' where the tempo is different to the original appleloop tempo.


if the track tempo is the same as the appleloop source tempo then you don't get clicks even if 'follow tempo' is on.


also you don't get clicks if you now drop the track speed with the new 'varispeed' function.


another STRANGE bug is that if you put a fade on an appleloop, and then transpose the region, what you will find is that the faded part of the region remains at the original key, and then as soon as the fade is over the region changes abruptly to the new key.


i think this is all pointing to an dodgy implementation of whatever technology is going on with appleloops/caf files? and presumably the flex thing too (which i've not used yet)



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