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Syncing sound to movie


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Make sure for one that you don't have any unneccessary SMPTE offest in your Sync Preferences. If thats cool, then to unlock the "sound track "of the imported movie ( which usually is placed on the first track)...RIght click on the track, choose "Unlock SMPTE Position". Then you can move the track where ever then relock it to the SMPTE the same way you unlocked it.


Also, be sure your frame rate settings in Logic match the frame rate of the movie.


I also don't know your technique for import the audio from the movie into Logic...but the method I use is this


Import movie....then in the Movie menu select Audio to arrange window...It always locks it exactly where it was according to the timecode of the mov. Thats why you should be sure the frame rate matches before you do it.


Hope this helps. Good luck

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